Tuesday, June 19, 2007

proof of knitting

This is a small sampling of some of the finished objects that I've done in the last year. I have many more, and hope at some point to share them all.

A sweater for my niece's son. It has very cute elephant buttons. It's DK weight yarn. The brand is escaping me at the moment. Something readily available no doubt.

Here we've got a baby doll modeling a set that my mother (a much more accomplished knitter than I) oredered from me for one of her former employee's baby shower. The hat is in Plymouth, DK weight yarn, some discontinued color I got on sale at my LYS. The poncho is my variation on a pattern. It was my first real go at using a collection of my skills to create something totally unique.

This is a hat/scarf set I made for my eldest DD's school fundraiser as an auction item. Hard to see, but the scarf is a faux cable pattern to lend it some interest and the hat is actually crocheted. It's in Plymouth Encore, my old standby.

Here we have a soaker I knit for an online buddy's babe. It's a Little Turtle Knits pattern (great pattern, very easy to follow) and it's in a yarn that she purchased for me to use. Naturally I'm drawing a blank on the name but it's very cool stuff.

This pic I'm sharing 'cuz I think it looks cool. It's my first foray into garterlac. Loads of fun, but my product is nought but a dishcloth. Not to sexy. I find this close up a tad more inspiring.

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